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Conference format

Dear Colleagues,

As you know, the pandemic continues to be dramatic.  Even at this point, it would be unrealistic to expect the situation to change sufficiently to be able to hold large in-person events in May 2021.

Nevertheless, we have decided to hold the conference in the virtual format during the weekend of April 30-May 2, 2021. The theme of the conference remains unchanged. We do, sadly, lose the ring of the 20/20 vision pun, but, given the unfolding tragedies around us, this does not even register as a loss. In some ways, our current predicament adds a new perspective to how we view reality and how imperfect our vision may turn out to be.

Among several models of running virtual conferences that you may have seen in the last 6 months, we have decided to choose one that we feel is the most flexible in terms of presentation but which, at the same time, retains as much of the interactive component of the event as possible. The pandemic has, of course, imposed a number of limitations on us, but we assumed - correctly, we hope - that what most of us want most of all is actual discussion and conversation with colleagues and peers, and not more passive screen time. We realize that, in the grand temporal calculus, this entails devoting more time to the conference than usual (listening / reading to the pre-uploaded  presentations + actual conference time on Zoom), but the advance with which most of these presentations will be made available (we plan of launching the program in early April) should enable everyone to spread becoming familiar with the presentations over nearly a month.

The general conference formula will be as follows:

  • a few selected program items (such as keynotes and a number of discussion panels) will be held in real-time
  • individual paper presentations will need to be pre-loaded to the conference website in advance of the event so that the participants will be able to familiarize themselves with them at their own pace and in their own time. The participants will be able to choose their preferred format (see the Presentation Upload page for details)
  • the programming on April 30-May 2 will include real-time Zoom discussions with presenters in designated slots that will closely resemble the regular scheduling of in-person conferences. The time allotted to each session will be primarily devoted to Q&A and discussion and not paper presentations, although the presenters will be able to take a few minutes to summarize their most important points. This means that each presenter will have, on average, 15 minutes in their disposal, but the Q&A session will be joint for all three presentation in the session (the same as during most regular in-person conferences)
  • as during regular conferences, there will be multiple parallel panels, but the conference participants will have greater flexibility in choosing them, since all presentations will be preloaded to the conference portal. The only difference will be a slightly shortened time of individual presentations: drawing on the experience of other conferences we will be expecting them to be ca. 15 minutes long (instead of the usual 20 minutes).

The timeline of proceedings is as follows:

  • Dec 15:  submission portal opens (you will be able to submit new abstracts and, if previously accepted, confirm the willingness to continue as previously);
  • Jan 15: abstract submission closes;
  • Jan 25: new acceptances are confirmed and, if needed, revised acceptances from 2020 are emailed to those who need them;
  • March 20: deadline for delivering presentations (multiple formats are accepted - see the Presentation Upload page);
  • April 13: presentations go online and become available to all participants;
  • April 30-May 2: the conference with real-time keynotes, selected events, and paper discussion slots.

The registration fee will be 180 PLN (ca. 40 Euro) for regular participants and 120 PLN (ca. 25 Euro) for graduate students. If you had paid the early registration fee earlier in 2020 and decided not to withdraw it, we will reimburse you the difference.