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EAAS Women’s Network Symposium

April 28 / Wednesday
19:00 - 20:30
Keynote conversation
Black Feminism on the Edge
Jennifer C. Nash & Samantha Pinto
Ingrid Gessner & Johanna Heil
April 29 / Thursday
8:30 - 9:00
Zoom Meet and Greet
9:00 - 9:15
Welcoming Remarks
Izabella Kimak Philip McGowan Zuzanna Ładyga
EAAS Women’s NetworkEAAS PresidentEAAS Vice-President
9:45 - 11:15
Intersectionality, Transnationalism, and Critiques of Power
Tatiani Rapatzikou
Intersectional Feminism and Literature: Thinking through Ugly Feelings?
Gabrielle Adjerad
Provincializing US Feminisms
Katharina Wiedlack
The Institutionalization of Women’s Studies and the Undercommons
Abigail Fagan
Recipes for Healing: The Diversity of Care within Contemporary Chicana Literature
Méliné Kasparian-Le Fèvre
Feminist and Intersectional Activism
Anthony Castet
Our fight today is to survive as a people: W.A.R.N.’s Struggle for Corporal, Spiritual, and Political Sovereignty Continues
Laura De Vos
The question of souls is old – we demand our bodies, now (1890): Voltairine de Cleyre’s Anarchist-Feminism
Rita Filanti
Gender Violence, Power and DIY Resistance in American Anarcha-Feminist Zines
Frankie Hines
The Effects of Sexism and Machismo on Female Leadership in the Black Panther Party: A Case Study on Elaine Brown and Kathleen Neal Cleaver
Gloria Fears-Heinzel
11:30 - 13:00
Feminisms of Exclusion
Abigail Fagan
Racist Feminism(s): White Southern Women’s Post-Civil War Commemoration and Emancipation Strategies
Julia Nitz
Resisting Cultural Containment by Renouncing (Black) Feminism? Universalist Ideals of Conservative Black Women (2017-2020)
Atelie Gerhard
Outside of the Collective and Outside of the Sisterhood: Problematic Feminist Positions in Women’s Underground Comix in the U.S.
Małgorzata Olsza
People v. O.J. Simpson: Feminist Perspectives on the ‘Trial of the Century’ and the Woman as Spectacle
Tatjana Neubauer
Perspectives on Race, Borders, and Climate Injustice
Verena Laschinger
Genealogies of Blackness in Yaa Gyasi’s Homegoing
Paula von Gleich
Intertwining Gender and Race in Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner
Deborah Kitchen-Døderlein
Border Crossings in Ana Teresa Fernández’s Ablution and Of Bodies and Borders
Ewa Antoszek
Thinking Pandemic Ecologies with Larissa Lai’s Tiger Flu
Ina Batzke & Linda Hess
14:45 - 16:00
Critiques of White Fragility
Samantha Pinto
De-Constructing White Fragility in the Narrative Layers of Kiley Reid’s Such a Fun Age
Marie Dücker
‘White Tears’ Feminism: A Critical Examination of Whiteness, Womanhood, and Femininity
Sandra Tausel
Feminist Scholarship in/and the American Classroom: Political Contexts and the Cultural Landscape
Rimika Singhvi
Poetic Interventions
Susanne Leikam
‘I work my ass off for all the poets’: Women Poet-Editors and Small Press Publishing in Mid-Century New York
Rona Cran
Ice Crossing: Lyn Hejinian and her friends in Leningrad in 1989
Daniela Daniele
Activist Art and Hope in the Dark for Feminist Collaboration and Mobilization
Yvonne Kaisinger
16:30 - 17:15
Male Feminisms and (Toxic) Masculinities
Philip Davies
Khatru 3&4 Reconsidered: Feminism, Science Fiction, and the Perils of Utopia
Janice Lynne Deitner
Fathering between Black Male Feminism and Toxic Masculinity in The Sellout
Daniah Khayat
17:30 - 18:00
Final Discussion
Elisebetta Marino & Izabella Kimak